When winter finally comes knocking, many people might think that it is time to pack and store the bikes.

However, you only need some tips on winter biking and a couple of accessories to make cycling enthralling. In this post, we look at the top road bike accessories that you require for winter riding.

Because you will be riding outside in the snowy, rainy, and chilly weather, the most important thing is keeping the body warm.

The right clothing should not necessarily be extra heavy but thick enough to keep you warm because the body will burn a lot of energy as you ride.

Other accessories will help you keep the bike safe, get a better grip on the road, and enjoy every minute on the road.

Base layer:

This is very important in keeping the body dry. A base layer designed from merino wool of synthetic wicking material will be okay.


The head, hands, and feet are usually more exposed compared to other parts of the body.

On the head, you should wear a helmet with a soft and comfortable inner lining made from wool or cotton.

You might also find it ideal to wear a scarf under the helmet for extra comfort and warmth.


The best gloves to wear in winter are cycling designs that provide grippy fingers and palms for extra controllability.

It is better to select waterproof gloves especially if it will be raining or you need to cycle through pools of water.

Cycling bag:

If you will be cycling several miles away, it is advisable to have a bag designed from waterproof material.

The bag should have the basic tools, spanners, pliers, greases, and others that you might require for light maintenance on the road.

Winter boots:

The best winter shoes should provide you with a perfect grip on the pedals and allow you to transfer all the force to the drive train. It is preferable to look for boots that reach above the ankle.

Besides, they should be waterproof, comfortable, and have a warm lining to keep your legs warm.

Bike lighting:

As winter advances, visibility will be poor as snow falls progressively. Getting appropriate lights on the front and back will illuminate the road and alert other road users of your presence.

You might also consider adding other LED lights on the cycling bag and forehead for more visibility.


As you rush through the snow and pools of water on the cycling paths. By fitting fenders some inches on the front and full length on the real, you can ride more comfortably through trails or even tarmac.

Remember that fenders do not need to be expensive; you only have to get the standard design and have then fitted well.