Many people looking forward to starting mountain racing or road racing have been asking about the best bikes to use.

The ideal bike you want to use on the road should depend on the nature of the road, terrain, time of the race, personal weight, and preference.

In this post, we differentiate between the three most important bikes that many have been confusing so much.

The Road Bike

The road bikes are light in weight and are specifically constructed to hit top speed and travel longer distances. The commonest characteristics of the road bikes are that they have handle bars, feature minimal saddle, and their tires are very skinny.

They can dash at lightning speed and not show sign of disability. Accordingly, they are not for the novices.

They are built for fastest possible handling, extra provision, and are best suited for experienced riders. Notably, the sleek outlook has been an attraction and many people including those in cities enjoy having them so much.

To get better controllability, the rider bends over the dropped handlebars. The centre of gravity shifts forward and with little force, it is easy to rush at top speed.

Note that the road bikes are not for scaling the nature trails. Rather, they are for well tarmacked or paved road for better controllability even at top speed,

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bike is designed for people who want to travel through rugged terrain and trails away from the tarmac.

Unlike the road bike that puts the rider in a front bending position, the mountain bike puts the rider in an upright position. This is important to better visibility of the adjacent terrain. To support this position, the bike has flat handle bars for better controllability.

To support this position, the bike has flat handle bars for better controllability.

For riders who have to scale a lot of hilly sections, then this is the bike to go for. You take an upright position so that you can work upright as the centre of gravity is maintained at the centre.

The body is very fat, tires extra big to take on shock, and others might have the actual shocks.  As you take a relaxed upright position, you will enjoy the extra comfort.

Hybrid Bikes

This is a combination of mountain and bike and road bike characteristics. The resultant is a bike that has wheels slimmer than those of a mountain bike but slightly broader than those of a road bike.

Notably, the hybrid comes fully loaded with the gear range like that of a mountain bike. Because of these mixed characteristics, a hybrid will handle road perfectly well and still give you the stability you anticipate when going uphill.

The hybrid can be referred to as a perfect model for average persons without extremes of road or mountain riding.